I am physically challenged and differently able

Having a neurological condition is not the end of the world, we are still able to participate in an active lifestyle be it at a different level.

Our massage therapy can help with joint, muscle and mobility problems.

Reflexology can be beneficial in ridding the body of toxins and aiding circulatory problems.

Our exercise classes are seated and work on all the muscles of the body. Each person works to a level suitable for their disability.

We sometimes have guest speakers on a variety of topics such as gardening, photography, local history and other interesting subjects; we also have occasional interactive singing sessions.

Our Services


Keep your body moving and flexible, and your mind active with our exercise classes.


Hand, arm, back and neck massages.


Cup of Tea or Coffee, Lunch and a good chat with like minded people as well as therapists ready to help.


Reflexology has numerous benefits, not least a wonderful way to relax

Our Therapists And Advisors

Conny Foudi

Massage Therapist and Pilates Teacher

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Pat Capp

Pilates Teacher

Right at Home

Right at Home provide a professional carer to help us at the Centre

Sally Lane

Massage therapist

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